If you can't beat them...

By Jerra

Dendronocopus major.

Currently this young Great Spotted Woodpecker spends much of its day in the garden.  At first it would be in the company of the male, but now almost always on its own.  Strangely at no time have we seen the female.  At first I assumed she was on the nest but since they have clearly fledged I can't explain things.  In other years we have had both parents as regular visitors.

For those not familiar with the species the juveniles havea red crown as in this shot, males a patch of red on the nape and females no red at all.  For once this is a species doing well!  The population began to increase in the 70s and now there are approximately 5 times as many as there were before the increase.  They can befound all ove the UK only missing from very high ground in the north. 

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