Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Maple Sugar

The first soul to scratch at my door this morning was maple, looking for pancakes!    After a few forvher and Fi, mom/dil with her power weights on came to take her on the morning island walk .. one last pancake, ready to walk the hills, and then relax after.   We should all be so fit.:-).  Ha
Extra:  late afternoon ... a bit of a boating... our little tin boat finally came back today after 3 weeks (!) waiting for a new engine part, so we took it to the beach with Fiona and nervous maple who shook the whole way, but had fun in the water with K and T in the kayaks.   Maybe we’ll get her used to it yet.  No swimming yet tho, with or without life jacket.   Do you think we should throw her in with it on in deep water ?   Probably not.   You can see Fi’s arm brace is off... I should have explained it was probably a hairline crack so a brace for a few weeks.   Thanks for the concern.  Seems to be ok now.

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