By Wildwood

Not Exactly Spiderman

Last night after a quick trip downtown, I took a wrong turn and became hopelessly lost. Determined to find my own way home, I succeeded only in becoming more lost. Every so often I would sense that I was on the right track, only to realize that I was going in circles. It took two phone calls home before I finally got home, feeling stupid and hoping that my family hadn't concluded that I was becoming hopelessly deranged or worse yet, senile.

We waved good-bye to the little grandkids and their father this morning, but not until we all went on an "adventure walk" with grandson Peter, Dana and our two dogs (I call them Mutt and Jeff). This afternoon OilMan and I took down the tree and other Christmas "decor items", and the once living, now quite dead garlands and wreath, which we purchased from Will's baseball team.

Things I have learned in the last 24 hours:

1) Don't drive after dark until you know the town better (oven if you think you do).
2) My rotten sense of direction has not improved.
3) Kids of different ages and dogs of different breeds , can have a wonderful time together when there is a creek to be explored and trees to be climbed.
4) As a result, the adults with them have a wonderful time too.
5) Even with boots, coats and hats, where there is water, kids will get wet.
6) In this house, dried evergreen needles can lodge themselves in places even the vacuum won't reach.
7) There is a big empty space in the corner of the living room begging to be filled.
8) Owen will go anywhere with his cousin Peter.
9) But he still doesn't believe he's Spiderman
10) Peter deserves a medal for being a hero to his little cousin, Owen.

All valuable lessons, I expect.

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