Hecky THUMP!

That's a first.
Jerra was just boasting three flower spikes on one Orchid.
Damfine work that, bought ones seldom boast more than two.
I can't remember ever having more than one at a time; but then I haven't Alice's memory to rely on.
What I am certain of though - I've NEVER had a second spike start while the first was in full flower. What's even more startling is how far it's progressed before I spotted it, being so intent on admiring the flowers themselves.
It, also, unintentionally, illustrates what I was on about earlier; namely the regimentation of leftrightleftright up the stem. It was even more obvious a couple of days ago, before the bottom Rt hand flower dropped off.

I spotted it about 3 days before Christmas last year.
Please yourself - OBVIOUSLY - but I've given myself markers to follow it up from then.

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