By MidgeholeDave


Today a walk through Betty's Wood on the St. Ives Estate, Bingley.
This was a very popular walk for Polly Dog and over the years we have walked miles and miles around and through the wood. In 2017 they removed over 1,000 trees to stop the spread of phytophthora ramorum disease which was spreading through the wood. Today everything was so different. We thought we knew the wood - but not without the trees.
My Blip is a 'now and then' - the same path as it was in 2015 and as it is today.  
The good news is that a massive replanting programme is now complete - and we only have to wait 30 or 40 years to reap the benefit of it all.
A current 'benefit' is that the view of Bingley is now much more open (see extra).
Bingley is the home of Damart - manufacturers of thermal clothing - but not much need for any today :-)

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