By evolybab

The Three Amigos

Well look who arrived today!  The three Amigos, who travelled up from Oxfordshire and blipper Taffydil's house, to spend some time with me.
For those who are not familiar with them, they belong to Blipper Kelso in New Jersey USA, who has sent them on a world tour, kindly hosted by Blippers everywhere. I had to get extra shopping in this morning to cater for them, not too sure just what they like, but I will soon find out. I showed them around the house, and their bedroom, and then the garden.  They particularly enjoyed looking at the wildlife pond hoping to spot the frogs, but no luck today. Kelso and Rowan peered in from the edge, but of course Trigger had to climb down further onto a log, almost into the water before I told him it was too deep and to come back....didn't want any accidents, especially on their first day. They are having a nap now, but will be up later for dinner and a bit of TV tonight, Judy Dench and 'Wild Borneo' which I think they would enjoy, before they will probably need an early night after their long journey.......

Thanks so much for the responses to yesterday's blip

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