Jan's View

By HarlingDarling


Nice, at a distance.
The pleasure beach and the tower on the skyline.
A bit like Lytham St Annes to be fair, best not to look too closely at the town.
But the beach is a wonderful expanse of gloriousness, and makes up for any of the negatives.
I love the huge expanse of sand and the distant sea, and that blue blue sky.
The truncated pier is nice too, you can see that in the extra.

We chose to have a "day off" today and headed to the coast.
I wished only for ice cream and for the big sky.
And I got that, and more!
Fish and chips and mushy peas, and a nice cup of tea.
We collected sea coal on the beach.
Avoided getting wet feet despite the many pools and streams.
Enjoyed a breezy warm day, without the dog for once.
She got a walk before we left.
Of course!

Jess is staying with us for the second day running, Arthur had injections this morning and is now suffering a bit.
Many cuddles are needed to counteract the indignities of jabs and the fever...

Off to Sweden tomorrow evening, then a drive from the airport in Stockholm to our village.
I'd sort of forgotten we had that to do... home by 03.00 if all goes well.
Guests arriving for a week the day after at midday, so we will have to be on our hospitality toes!!

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