By Hotmandarins


Another jaunt down to Southampton today.  The plane from Leeds was delayed by an hour due to a crew member having worked late last night - there's a mandatory rest period.  As we were all sat on the plane, the captain announced there would be a further delay whilst they made repairs to the runway.  We've no idea what the problem was, but after a wait we were on our way for the hour flight down.

I found this mural on the side of the pub we were originally going to eat dinner in, but we noticed a large Chinese restaurant next door and were their first customers of the evening.  Their imposing arch features in the extra.

My room has pluses and minuses this week.  On the plus side it has a balcony.  On the down side the air con appears to be locked on, and I have a wooden floor instead of a carpet.  I've asked the nice man for an aircon fix, but that was an hour ago...I've been up since 5.15am, I could do with going to bed soon!

UPDATE: Fixed it myself with the power of Google.  Hold down one of the buttons for three seconds....

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