By jac1954

A grey blur

Today was bazaar!!! I was walking past my tv when I heard something fall down. ?
I looked and saw nothing ~~~~~~~~
Then I moved Ralph’s basket ~~~~~~
A grey blur was running at speed out of the doorway and into my small dining room.
Yes my mind said juvenile Field Rat.
Ok I thought this mornings going to be difficult so I looked in my dining room found nothing where can it be. ?
So I shut the two passageway doors. Then the dining room door only place left the three foot dresser. So with my good hand I pulled it away from the wall. Thank goodness for wood flooring eh!
And there she was with her stores of cat biscuits. Well little miss I don’t know how you are living in my home with at least 3 cats around. So I sent my two daughters a message could they come help me Yes of course Mum when we drop boys off. So I looked around for a way to catch Betty tea bag box.cereal pkt fitted them with a small enough hole with a closable flap. Waited for the girls. In they come all brave!!!!. When they saw how big!!Fast. And worse she could jump about a foot in the air Kim started screaming then Samantha shrikes as it ran at her. Poor thing now Betty was screeching. I said stop screaming well it was comical Samantha was helpless with laughter.
So in the end the two girls armed with the broom shushed Betty out from under the Dresser and I managed to catch Betty in the cereal box closed the flap. And I took her down the road and let her go free into the fields. I suppose she was about as long as my hand and then the thick ringed tail. Lol. It’s a good job I can keep my head eh!!

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