Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack

New Hope

The wonderful New Hope Gospel Choir were over again from Atlanta, Georgia for a mission around the Welsh valleys.  I've seen them a number of times and they are always amazing, and didn't fail to deliver tonight.

There was wonderful news as well, last year one of their team, Brendan, was unable to attend because his kidneys had failed and he now had to have dialysis treatment.  Well tonight we heard that just last week Brendan had received a transplant and was recovering well.  A great miracle and I cried, I know the emotion and pain he has been going through with the dialysis and now the joy of having his life back.

I was back at clinic this morning, all other blood test results were fine but they hadn't received the Creatinine figure back, but they would let me know later if there were any issues.  As I've had no phone calls, I can presume all is well.  Hurrah!

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