Princess Anne

Went for a walk to the duck pond. On the way I saw a low flying helicopter. By the time I got into the Queen's Park it had landed. There were a couple of black Range Rovers so I got my camera out to see if I could bag a blip of a celebrity or royal. However the only people in the cars were the drivers. Disappointed I looked around to see Princess Anne had decided to walk. There she was headed for the garden gate of Holyrood Palace, walking across the grass in the sunshine. 

It occurred to me that she must always have a bit of niggle at the back of her mind. Considering a nutcase tried to abducted her on Pall Mall back in the seventies. And the IRA were supposedly had her as a target. Her father's uncle was murdered by the IRA too, and there have no doubt been numerous other threats. 

All I have to worry about is buses and global warming. 

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