A day in the life

By Shelling


After nearly eleven days travelling about 3000 km, I'm home again, greeted by these cherries that certainly weren't here when I left.

Coming home is always a nice feeling even though it's nice too, meeting old friends, family and new people, reconnecting with places and emotions, not to mention different languages and dialects. 

The first trip to the north of Sweden had the purpose of attending and playing at a funeral for a dear old friend and to reconnect with friends I haven't met in a long time. The second trip to the south of Sweden and Denmark was to celebrate the 80th birthday of a family member and to meet cousins and friends. Living in a suitcase sharing other peoples homes works fine for a while but I like to touch home base every now and then. 

Now, I look forward to some time on my own, settling in before next events and maybe people visiting me, for a change.

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