THamilton - Nature Lass

By TH71_NatureLass

Today There Was Cake :-)

Great being off with no timetables to follow or clock to watch.

Picked some of the goosegogs photographed yesterday, in my jammies :-) Enjoyed breakfast at the garden bench, then went a hurtle on my bike (no jammies were aired on this hurtle!).

It’s amazing how everything in life is made easier with technique. Riding a bike. How hard/easy can it be? After reading a few cycling technique’s a lot easier today than it was yesterday! Getting used to using the gears too so that all helps.

Anyway, back home did some chores before prepping dinner and making a gooseberry and almond streusel. Mr H had worked all day staining decking and wood out the back, so a nice wee treat for him.

Brown bins out tomorrow so a quick post dinner hour (and a bit) of guerrilla weeding saw the garden squared up, bins maximised...and some of the cake burned off :-))

Happy Wednesday folks, T

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