By Shutterup


I took this photo before the day went slightly pear shaped.  I was due to drive north leaving early in the day with Flossie as my passenger.  There was a bit of a mix up with hubby's flight as he realised yesterday that he had bought a ticket to fly north a day too late for the Graduation!!!  Well.. the obvious option was to take half of today off and drive north with me.  So the plan was to leave at noon.  I was packing up and loading the car and opened the convertible roof to remove the wind baffle so that Flossie could sit on the back seat during the journey.  Unfortunately something went wrong with the roof mechanism and it would neither open or close afterwards....NIGHTMARE!!! (although l appreciate this is a very first world problem!!) I spoke to the garage and they kindly said they would take it in today if l could leave it with them... they are half an hour from my house East not north.. so not in a helpful direction.  I say half an hour but l had to travel below 25 miles an hour the whole way there as the roof could be damaged more if l went faster... and the alarm pinged the whole way there.  I havent yet heard whether they can fix it.  Anyway we set off instead in hubbys car.. then l realised l had left behind the house key for Scotland.. at this point l was wondering if the whole trip was jinxed.....and was getting pretty fraught.  We had to drive home, collect the key and then finally 1.5 hours late set off on the long journey.  Thankfully the trip went pretty smoothly and we arrived in one piece ... off to bed.. l am exhausted!

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