Eye to Eye

By HilarysView

Grey “Go Away Bird”

Day 18 South African Diaries

.... or “Louries” are common in the grounds of the lodge where we were based for most of the day. Their call is very harsh and sometimes sounds like “go away” hence its name. Another common bird here is the Bee Eater (in extras), so beautiful in its acrobatic flight as it chases bees.

We spent the afternoon at the garden plot of the community project. The spinach is now big enough to sell so will be going to the farmers’ market on Saturday. This will be a first for the project so hopefully they will finally see some profit from their hard work.

A night “off” tonight but as we were told we have to write about 2 of our photos and why we like them, 100 words each, plus an article of 400 words illustrated by 5 photos. This is harder than it seems so I might have to use “off” time tonight to start preparing!

P.S. I failed on that count! And a huge THANK YOU for your enthusiastic comments, stars and hearts for recent photos.

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