Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


A break from family pix.  :-)    It was perfect conditions for a morning row…overcast. cool and dead calm.   I enjoyed the quiet by myself in my boat, but I sure didn’t see much wildlife.   It was a very low tide so all the eelgrass and kelp (here) was laying on the water.     Quite pretty.    Now my boat  lives on the grey float you can maybe see H cleaning...

Extra:  Well OK, here’s family.  The 3 of them worked on a driftwood house for Fiona's PMVs ( really PMB..Playmobile people) 

There will be lots of furniture and accessaries including a moose table that Fi is painting.   The Mom I think has the most fun…it’s different from doing physical therapy.    Will blip when has a loft now and is going to be quite elaborate!

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