Early meeting then a quiet office day reading and commenting on environment statements in amongst catching up on various tasks lower down the To Do list. Just V and I in today and we were both ploughing through stuff and then stopping every now and again for a chat and a cup of tea (and I was raiding the biscuit box.... really do need to get back on the 5:2 diet!)
Over to Glasgow at the end of the day for a research council meeting and dinner in Kelvingrove museum and art gallery. Chatted to a few people I knew and others I didn’t....over dinner I was between two wine buffs, At one point like a comedy sketch parodying aficionados as they debated particular individual wine makers, even the names of the children at the vineyards(!), which blend of grapes to recommend and etc. (Top tip....look out for Sagrantino grape variety). Then they moved onto talking single origin chocolate. Gracious!
Lift home with BD and her colleague - chatting about screen developments

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