By Ingeborg

Summer garden

Thanks so much for all the comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's wild flowers. I'm so glad you like it.

Today's Blip is something similar yet very different, the front garden has been replanted with several flowers that bloom in summer instead of the rather skinny white rose shrubs that were there initially. It is more of a cottage garden now. I've fiddled (too much probably) with layer modes and textures to make it into a summer garden impression. Fiddling while the men outside are digging holes everywhere to trace the sewer system and unfortunately they've found much that will have to be cleared and relaid.

Costly and timetaking business :-( We'll be stuck at the other house for some time (and that without being able to use the loos !)

Hurray to the Dutch women's team for reaching the finals !

Happy July 4th to all Americans !

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