"I've collided with a bonnet."
"A bee?"
"A bonnet."

I would guess, despite not using those front butterfly arms very much, her shoulder feels a little better than mine.  I don't know if she was sent off balance or annoyed.  I was the former! 

After taking Little Dog for a walk, in some rather glorious and, for a change, still weather, I headed out on my bike to Burnsall.  

Now here's the funny thing.  I pondered on the crash alert on my Garmin device before setting off which will alert someone if it senses you've crashed.  For me, that's a pretty rubbish feature and I'd never have it switched on - I don't know why I thought about it.  Rich can find me on Find My iPhone and if he's at work, it would be a nightmare if it alerted him and he couldn't do anything about it (or it was wrong!)  I also questioned putting my front light on but in glorious sunshine, I didn't bother (although often have) as it runs out of charge fairly quickly so I save it for dark roads under trees - my back light went on though.

So, I had a super outing, felt quite fit (for me) and was on my way back past Bolton Abbey. 

It all happened as quickly as this bee bumping a flower.  

I suddenly realised a car was turning across the road in front of me before my very eyes. I didn't have time to think.  Just braked.  Hard.  Swerved to the right and found myself leaned up against his offside bumper, brought to a rapid halt.  I think my feet were still in my pedals and everything felt in tact.  I think I was OK.  Apart from the guy in his van waving his arms at me.  I just stared. Stunned really.

He opened his door, eventually, and said a few surprising things.  

"What did you do that for?"
"What do you think you were doing?"
"You could see I was turning."

I think what he actually had was shock himself.  Unbelievably calmly, I pointed out his position in the road, how last minute it must have been for me and who had right of way. He finally asked if I was OK as I still stood there. To which I answered, "I'm not sure but an apology would be nice."  I think that brought him to his senses because then he did apologise and continued to ask if I was OK.  Another couple of cyclists had joined me by this stage and suggested he pulled off the road.  They helped me check my bike over - which has not a scratch on it - just my chain had dropped off and said they'd accompany me pretty much home as they were heading my way.  Apparently, another couple in a car kindly offered to take me and my bike home but I was OK and thought it best to get back on my bike after I'd gathered my thoughts.  I took a photo of the guy's car.  He was mortified but I only wanted it in case I found I wasn't OK - peace of mind really.  It wasn't until the evening that I registered he probably thought I was going to social media it.  I'd already told him I hadn't planned to do anything with it, it wasn't my style.  I even shook his hand and wished him a good day at work (that's where he was going.)  All I meant was being able to get in touch if I needed to - I hadn't even considered social media!  That's a sad part of being a youngster today.

The two friends stayed with me and chatted, saying they were in no rush, until I felt I'd normalised.  We set off steadily for home after about quarter of an hour without further incident.  They were super lovely.

I needed quite a lot of gooey things when I got home and enjoyed a scone with oodles of jam followed by a double ice cream and double flake, finishing with double coffee (decaf - I was wired enough!) at the Otley Cycle Races.  A guy completely gazumped me on his approach to the finish line, wiping out most horrifically.  He got up.  But it made me feel tremendously thankful.  If you're going to have an accident, mine was the one to have.

The world is full of lovely people.  Accidents happen. But being a butterfly would have been easier!

My shoulder aches a little but the evening at the races was just the ticket and we caught up with Liz too.

Oh, and the first bit was a text exchange with Rich when I got home.  My blip seems uber appropriate now given he thought I'd collided with a bee. That's happened twice before, actually. Maybe this was third time unlucky!

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