Pictures & Woodwork.

By PeterB

A Day at Beaulieu Motor Museum.

     The main shot is of The Palace House which is still partially lived in by the Montagues.

     What a gorgeous day. Wall to wall sunshine and very pleasantly warm.
We spent sometime in the actual museum which was crowded and warm, but the other reason we went to Beaulieu was to walk around the estate. We will return to look at the cars in more detail on our next visit.

     It is very well maintained with really beautiful gardens. There was also several statues on display. They were interesting and imaginative I have put four of them in the extras.

1) The Love Lock tree. Made from metal with padlocks locked onto the branches.
2) Man crawling out of the ground. I really liked this one.
3) I call this one the Windswept statue.
4) Two hares boxing each other.
5) The Wisteria Tunnel

There is plenty to see so we intend to go back again very soon as we really would like to spend sometime in the Museum and see the cars in detail. 

A great day out and well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Take care.

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