Moments in a minor key

By Dcred



The locks on this canal were designed to carry the ‘short boats’ that had twice the capacity of the narrow boats used on other canals. 

The locks therefore had to be wide enough to allow the 62 feet long, 14 feet wide boats through them. Most of the locks were also grouped together to give long runs between the locks. 

The boats were mainly used to carry bulk cargoes such as coal, stone and limestone. Commercial traffic ceased in 1964, but the locks are still used to carry leisure boats which have become very popular. Ironically the leisure craft are often narrow boats, because there are links to other canals, and wider boats would not be able to pass through the locks on the other canals. These locks are wide enough to allow two narrow boats to enter the lock side by side. 

The construction of the canal was started in 1770 and the first section opened in 1774 and it as finally completed in 1816. 

This lock is the third lock down the six locks collectively known as the Gargrave locks.

This lock is also known as Anchor lock.

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