Lupin city

You go away for two weeks, leaving the garden in immaculate condition, nicely tidy and grass cut neatly. This is what you come back to after 14 days of 24 hour sunshine. Thank you nature. A riot! The green gym will be open to all comers...

Our good friends Dela and John arrived at the local airport at about 2 o'clock, about 10 hours after we arrived home from the UK. So it was a very quick turn around for us. I got up early enough to do three loads of washing, sort out the plants, unpack the cases and put everything away - the mess of the return was swiftly dealt with, as it looked most uninviting for guests!

Lovely to have them here, despite the slight feeling of panic at their arrival. Keith wandered with them in town whilst I bought fresh food - the fridge was pretty bare! We have feasted on vegetarian pasta and fizzy water - and all of us will be tucked up in bed in the next half hour or so.

Not that night has fallen, or anything like that. We don't get any real night in the summer, we have to "make" night - drawing blackout blinds and telling ourselves it's night . So, good night!

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