Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Came upon this stone fish at Cramond today, as the rain that we had hoped would stay in Fife drifted across the firth and curtailed our walk. It’s the work, if I remember correctly, of a local artist, and has been there for the past ten years.

We were meeting old friends who, like us, had avoided pet ownership all their lives only to be left in charge of a familial dog, a large and rather amusing Australian Labradoodle. (At least we hadn’t brought the cat). The presence of the pooch meant we couldn’t actually go into the cosy café we like to patronise, but found ourselves sheltering in a sort of mesh tent with a solid roof in the garden of another café. The scones were massive and the whole experience bizarrely enjoyable.

Mousse the cat, I have to report, went out for the morning but spent most of the day curled up on our bed. I suspect she overdid things yesterday...

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