By Arachne

Generating energy

A year-minus-a-leap-day ago I posted my first blip. Little did I know what I'd done!

As I said at the 100th, I really enjoy being intrigued and inspired by other peoples' pictures, wondering how things are done, having a go, sometimes being pleased with how something has come out, sometimes being frustrated at how it hasn't.

Since then I've spent hours and days walking and cycling with one or other of my two cameras and I've got closer to discovering how they work. I've seen things I'd never have noticed last year, explored unlikely places (and, when necessary, asserted our right to take photographs). I have a daily record of my thoughts and preoccupations and - best of all - I've met loads of kind, friendly people right here in the ether. I've even met a few in person. So thank you. You are generous with comments and helpful when I ask how things are done. You make me think and you make me want to keep going with this photography thing.

The downside is how much time it takes living in the blipworld as well as the other one and after 365 days something has to give. I plan to keep blipping and I'll definitely keep looking at all the journals I've subscribed to and plenty more besides. But I'm going to comment a lot less. If there's something I'm bursting to say, I'll say it, otherwise please know that I am appreciating quietly. Please, too, don't think you have to spend your time saying thanks for any comments I do make.

I want to thank blip central for keeping this place alive (and for sorting out the 21.00 GMT upload nightmare) and my family for continuing to believe in me despite the only evidence of my existence being a photo once a day.

Black and white in colour 15
(there really is colour in this but you might have to go large to find it).

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