Waiting for the ferry

In the pouring rain!
The day began beautifully (if a tad early, to be honest), but deteriorated into this sort of wet blanket. We were heading to the once top secret fortress on Hemsö, an island a few minutes drive from home. It's an amazing and weird place to spend 90 minutes exploring with the help of a knowledgable guide, dressed in the army green and standing like all the soldiers I used to teach.

Here's a short film in English to show you some of what we saw.

Anyhow, the tour begins with a lot of standing around outside looking at various weapons. That got us nice and damp, and then we went indoors for the rest of the trip. Our visitors were fascinated and it was much more revealing than the last time I was there since a lot more bits are on show now. Huge cooking vessels for the manufacture of pea soup and porridge, for example. Gorgeous sunshine greeted us as we emerged, and the world was fresh and bright once more.

We bottled out of a concert this evening as everyone is tired and it was a bit of a rush. I am now SO happy to be home, and hope to get a full night's sleep for a change. Three nights on short rations won't do! 

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