Housewife's Choice

By christilou

Happy Feet ......

I'm so tired this evening.  The patio door man came back once again this morning to realign the lock ..... we couldn't lock it last night as I think it was installed in full sun and by the time the metal had contracted it was out of alignment.  Anyway, I was late leaving for Fitsteps and then as I got to my first roundabout in the car I saw my friend Suzie's car ..... and realised that she was coming to pick me up ..... forgot completely!  Had a couple of errands to do on the way home and then Lucy arrived late afternoon.  My youngest daughter's best friend (and our closest neighbour's daughter) arrived for a visit.  She's been living in New York with her husband but had come home to visit an ailing grandparent and so the house was full for the afternoon.  Took Little B to the park and the local pub for a quick drink before heading back.  He refused to walk back from the pub until we got back to the park when he perked up considerably.  

Today I'm feeling quite stiff.  Might be something to do with the old lady fall I had in the kitchen yesterday.  Some people are forever at the ice dispenser and the floor was wet.  My feet flew out from me and I landed on my side, first my hip then followed swiftly by my shoulder.  Good job I'm light otherwise I think I might have done more damage.  As it is my thigh muscle and shoulder feel bruised.  Probably shouldn't have danced today but still.\

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