The Pensioner

By Pensioner


A bit of tarting around Leith with MrB and then some tarting along the road. A couple of weeks back, y’see, we got chatting with a woman waiting for a 16 bus uptown and she seemed a nice sort. Like us, in other words. Anyway, heading back from George St, there she was at the bus stop again - more chats did follow, culminating, once we’d alighted, in an exchange of mobile numbers and a suggestion we should come and visit.
So visit we did. Honestly, we were the best company ever. Haw. As I said to the SK afterwards, I think anyone would be delighted to have us come visit. Even I would like us to come visit. But it wasn’t all about us… no, no, we’re much too modest to claim that. Ahem. Mind you next time we meet, I fear all our best stories will already be telt. We better knuckle down and do some interesting stuff before the neighbourhood sausage sizzle - can’t get away with Glastonbury tall tales forever. Can we?

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