... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT London: White-headed Duck Hiding

Less subtle in large.
Nēnēs staring and grazing
Nēnē grazing portrait
Red shovelers grazing (m) and dribbling (f)
Red shoveler (m) rippling along

I was going to post the nēnēs or emperor geese (of course), but couldn't decide between those pics., so ruled them all out for a change. Was also tempted by my shots of Bewick's swans, eiders, black spur-winged geese, and red shovelers...

These white-headed ducks are Im's favourite at the Wetland Centre, and this chap was being menaced by the other males (hence his missing tail feathers) so had found himself somewhere secluded for a rest... After I took this, another photographer snuck along to the exact spot that I'd crouched to take my photo; I should just shrug, but I find it very odd. Would taking that photo (someone else's photo?) be satisfying? I know it is just the observation and angle that was borrowed, but if someone's activity points me to a subject that I've not noticed, I feel obliged to find a different way to approach the subject so that I'm still taking my own photograph of it.

Today's others are on this page (or right from Nēnē flapping (1/4))

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