By Ingeborg

Red admiral

Always great to see the butterflies fluttering through the garden and even better when it's possible to capture them. I liked the way the light fell through its wing.

Thanks so much for the kind comments, stars and even a fave for yesterday's orchids. Just to explain, the orchids and sewer problems were in the other house which is my late parents-in-laws' house. We've inherited that house but it needs a lot of restorations. Initially we thought we would live there when DJ would retire, but because of the restorations needed we bought another house to stay in meanwhile and now we like that other house so much that we're not really interested in restoring the other house any more. The sons have lived in there while finishing their studies and finding a job. When the youngest will have found a job and a new place to stay we will probably try selling the house. But meanwhile it still needs to be maintained and as it's old there are always things that need to be repaired.

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