By Ridgeback13

Walk it off

Sunnier than it's been recently so after I'd had the usual wee chat with the family (Mx as usual quite chatty, AR very quiet when the camera's on her - but good to see how she got on at her 'Teddy walk' the other day at nursery - extra), I set off for a good walk around town trying to get inspiration for A's birthday. Didn't have any real luck although enjoyed the walk and good to get out after a week indoors. 
Home and did some work/catch up emails (and exchanged a couple with the architect!) before out to another kitchen showroom but not very inspiring. Popped into the supermarket and ended up eating my way through a bag of popcorn as I sat in the sun
Home and did some financial housekeeping stuff and started on more Line of Duty - series 3 now.
Quiet day but rather felt like marking time.

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