Another amazing day.  Off to Euston and met up with number 3 son who had arrived in the UK from DC a couple of days ago quite by chance!  We had another busy day mooching about in the big city! We first went to Convent Garden where we enjoyed coffee and Si had his breakfast; meandered around the market looking at and admiring the crafty things on display/sale. Some truly talented folk around!  Watched a few entertainers too.  Then we wandered off to Trafalgar Square as we heard there was a gay pride festival on - but it did not start until mid day and we were booked in to go up the Shard, so we watched folk - and there were hundreds of them gathered waiting for the floats etc - before heading off for our slot!  My blip shows some shots from the top of the Shard.  Today it was cloudier than it has been since we came to London so the skies are a bit hazy - but the views were amazing!
We meandered though Burrough Market en route to finding refreshment and then walked to St Pauls over the Millenium Bridge.  Certainly again got my steps in!  
We enjoyed a delicious meal in Wagamama before heading home. Another full day and so wonderful to spend time with Simon.
Back to Devon tomorrow.

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