John and Dela are now enjoying the delights of socialising with Karin and Lonny and us. So now we have A Ghanian, a Canadian, three Brits and a Swede are in the house. It's a lively mix! Lonny's friend David rang from Canada to add to the excitement. What a wonderful mix!

The evening began with rice and woked vegetables, halloumi (which I love as you know) and sausages for the meat eating people. It has now progressed to the perusal of the wedding albums! So many people we know, knew, loved and long for, still know and love. So many children have appeared since them, it would be wonderful to recreate the wedding groups but add in all the newcomers. Something to think about if we make it to 40 years as a married couple. (2024).

It keeps raining and I can't feel it's summer if it keeps on like this. We remain hopeful that summer might begin properly, but since we can get frost in August it had better get its skates on.

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