Beinn Mhòr

It was cloudy and mild but dry so we decided to go up a couple of Marilyns near Lochboisdale; Beinn Ruigh Choinnich and Triuirebheinn as they were less than 400 metres high. The first one, Beinn Ruigh Choinnich (Ben Kenneth in English, was in Peter May’s Lewis trilogy) was a bit of a bog trot but the views were quite good; the second one had its head in the cloud so we didn’t see anything from the top, although we soon emerged from the mist to get views over the loch-studded low ground. After going to the Co-op for food we went to South Lochboisdale to see a sculpture made from an old tractor and on the way back took the blip looking over the sea loch to the clearing Beinn Mhòr. We then looked at an iron-age village before parking near Beinn Mhòr for the night. Sadly the wind dropped away to nothing so the midges swarmed around outside, whilst we admired the evening light. The extra is a collage of Barra from Orasaigh beach and a couple of blips from below the 2 Marilyns we went up from Loch nan Smalag. I’ve decided that for this holiday I will make a collage or more than one for each day, as there is such a variety of scenery in the Outer Hebrides and I find it difficult to choose a blip.

Yesterday’s blip

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