Sunday Learning

I thoroughly enjoyed the Olympus camera workshop. Happy to report I’m now using the camera on manual Yay!! I learned a lot but now I have to try and put it all into practice, not as easy as it seemed!! It was only a small group of about 10 and we were all pretty much beginners except for Ninniex ;o) She knew a Lot already!! The guy running the workshop was very nice and all in all I’m really glad I did it and will possibly go back and do another one some time in the future!

Ninniex had another event to go to so I headed off to Hyde Park to try out my new skills!! These two black swans put up with me for a while but when I tried to get closer they pushed off in a huff!! :o). At least the sun was shining at last!!

In extras are a couple more shots of Hyde Park - a giant Moreton Bay fig tree and a daisy with a fly passenger and one of part of the group at the workshop, Ninniex is furtherest away.

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