By acula

From Site of Healing to Seat of Knowledge

The Hospital Real in Granada is a magnificent building little known by tourists or by people who have no contact with our University.

I did two of my school University years in this Hospital Real because our Faculty of Arts had become too small for us, the huge number of students who wanted to become bachelors of arts in the early 70s.

At that time the Hospital Real, which had begun to be built at the time of the Catholic Sovereigns, in 1520, and had been used as a hospital for nearly four hundred years and then abandoned for decades, was a building in very bad conditions, as cold as the North Pole!!. But we were young and enthusiastic and coped with those hard conditions and survived!!.

Now it is the site of the central services of the University and the Central University Library and also a venue for exhibitions and concerts.
I love this building and I visit it whenever I can. There is always something interesting to see.

Don't miss it in your next visit to Granada!!

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