My first blip-year

By Silverace

Old camera, modern bike

I had time today to ride the new MTB-track in my hometown again. This time I took a demo-bike from the bicycle shop instead of one of my own bikes.

I also didn't take my iPhone, but an old Nokia 6230i mobile phone that I keep for occasions where I don't want to care if I crash the phone. I has a 1.3 megapixel camera, so I thought it would be interesting to grab some picks and check if it even stores exif-data. It doesn't. The picture isn't awful, but it shows progress in mobile phone camera's. This was one of the better ones when it came out in 2005 (!).

The demo-bike is one of the e-mountainbikes that we have for testing. This particular model packs some serious punch (up to the legal speed limit for support) and will pull wheelies with ease. It is also aimed to more serious tracks than we have and has a hefty weight because of it. It was fast, but a pig to get turned around all the twisties. It wore me out more than both my non-e-bike MTB's have at this particular track!

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