Rodents rule

By squirk

July's Feast Sunday

After some mizzle early morning at set-up and some negotiation around a seeming lack of tables that wasn't actually a lack of tables, the Retro Village stalls were up and running. I say this every month, but it's so lovely to hang out with the Retro stallholders – they're a cheerful bunch despite the frizzy-haired start.

Highlights were 
• dancing the 'cake shuffle' (a new dance Tash and I made up when we realised a customer was at her stall and we were in a sunny patch having a bob – it involves jiving backwards into a stall to serve a customer)
• saying hello to a really fluffy, friendly dog who'd won 2nd place in the agility round of the West Norwoof Dog Show
• fitting into a 70s psychedelic dress in swirls of pink, yellow and orange (you can see a sleeve of it in the bottom-right image), though I cannot put any weight on my wrists – the cuff poppers close to a snug fit
• having many, many excellent chats with volunteers, visitors and traders
• my volunteer discount on the Drum & Kernel popcorn (I'm taking it into work tomorrow)

I always get a buzz from the Feast day. Onwards to the August one. Maybe this time, I'll put away the market stuff before the next Feast day... I can be so slovenly sometimes, especially when Fred's away. 

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