Fire in July

Rain and wet and freezing cold (OK it was 14°C) most of the day. It dried up eventually and we got our walk at Smitingen and the beach was utterly empty. We took pity on the poor sports club trying to make money selling ice creams etc. They sold a couple of hot dogs to the men in the gang.

Here you can see how we amused ourselves once we walked to the little lake near the beach. I remembered the matches this time so it was slightly easier. The gusty wind made it a five match ignition. We all raced about trying to feed the fire as there was nothing in the store at the picnic place. There's usually a pile of logs ready to use... but perhaps the chilly summer has drained the resources.

We ate our sandwiches huddling in the wind shelter, but once I got the fire going I had company! In the extra you can see the brave souls, John returning with fuel. We trust the weather will be better tomorrow and we're planning to go further afield. With another picnic.

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