By Majoayee

Unexpected reflections on ....

facial expressions!  Little Missy was collected from school and had her dinner then we had a little time before she was off to Rainbows.  Last week she needed a huge portrait of herself.  We lay her on a huge piece of paper and drew round her and then she coloured it in!  This week I asked her if she needed anything for Rainbows.  Yes she had to draw faces with different expressions.  So we reflected on the theme (most unexpected!!) and each started drawing.  We asked Ro to put on an angry face so we could copy! She was using a red pen and as I drew she would add her bit to mine! (her red pen has come out dark black, looks better in red but this is mono Monday - Unexpected reflections!!!) I love the fact that all hers are framed!

Many thanks to Carolina for hosting!!

She also did incredibly well in her swimming class last Friday.  She did breast stroke for the first time and ended up bringing home the silver'Swimmer of the Week' cup!  We're so proud!!

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