By dfb24

"Unexpected Reflections"...

...the theme for MonoMonday, & thanks to Carolina for hosting this month.
After breakfast this morning I ran to pick up a few groceries, then stopped at the post office to mail a card. You'd think I'd learn to look at the envelope before I buy the card, because it frequently says "extra postage required", but how's a person supposed to know how MUCH extra postage? I'm too cheap to just slap on a second 55 cent stamp when I know it doesn't cost THAT much!  But I digress........
When I got to the post office I noticed that all the windows on the building next to it have a reflective surface, preventing anyone from seeing inside. (I wonder what's going on in there that they don't want anyone to see?? Hmmmm.....) The flag in front of the post office was beautifully reflected in the buildings' windows, so I took this after getting my "extra postage" added to the envelope.   Another beautiful day with temps in the mid-70's, no humidity and a lovely breeze!! Just perfect!  :))

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