By tondrijfhamer


I felt like going out for a landscape photo tonight.
After dinner I contacted Ron and Herman if they'd like to join in, but they both had other plans. We did, sort of, made plans for next Thursday though, depending on the weather.

I've been wanting to do some location scouting in my area (the northern part of Groningen - Hoogeland) for a while and I thought tonight would be suitable for that. The weather was cloudy, grey, cold even, but the sky wasn't a flat dull grey, it did have some drama in it.

Since Bas and Daan were out (playing a game at my sister's) Annemarie came along with me. We drove for a while and I saw a few interesting spots that could work for a photo, when the weather conditions will be better. I find it very difficult spotting locations from a moving car. Maybe  it is better to do this by bike next time.

The photo above is of a rural grain field near Leermens.
We drove on, all the way to Noordpolderzijl. We went over the dyke and got soaking wet in an unexpected downpoor. Haha. Time to go home.

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