David J. Rose

By djrose007

Doggy School

Stonehouse Dog Training Club this evening, Jonty just loves going and as soon as I say the words 'Doggy School' he is off down the stairs to wait in the hallway. There is no way I am going to pass without taking him with me.
He is 12 years old this month (11th) and has been going to the dog training since he was about 15 weeks old, with a 4 year break when I really thought he didn't need it and I was getting busy with biking and other stuff!
He really enjoys going, meeting his doggy friends and he is so good at the exercises. Tonight we had a 'Scent' where a cloth is mixed in with other similar cloths scattered on the floor. The dog has to find the right cloth and bring it back to the handler. Jonty is superb at finding the right cloth, he always drops it a bit short of me though but the instructor says that's fine, as long as he carries out of an imaginary circle around the cloths he's done well.
Good boy Jonty, he had lots of treats too. I don't think that influences his attendance at doggy school though!

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