My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu

Our Puddleduck

A rare occurance. Louisa and I actually feel like we spent quality time together.

We had breakfast and then took Owen to his Puddleducks swimming session. This time it was Louisa's turn to take him as I did yesterday's make up session. He loves splashing about but doesn't like to sit on the float and he definitely wasn't impressed when the teacher swept him completely underwater. He recovered from the shock quickly enough though.

We decided to try and make the most of our day by treating ourselves to lunch -Novello Lounge in Southwater- instead of heading straight home for chores. It was nice to feel so relaxed and unhurried for a change and Owen was on fine form too getting everybody's attention with smiles and giggles and stares.

Obviously couldn't last...we got home to find a wasp nest in the garden storage box. Fun!

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