... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mount Pond: Deadly Embrace

Less cuddly in large.
Last ditch eye jabs
Portrait of predation

Well, this was rather savage...
I took (more gentle) macro photos in the garden in the morning, and swung by Mount Pond to see the Cayuga in the early afternoon sunshine. It wasn't being friendly (/visible), but I found lots of damselflies, and was fascinated to see this damselfly catch, subdue, and feed on this rather pretty long-legged fly. I took too many pics and struggled to choose because I've never seen this up close before... The fly struggled with the damselfly (the long legs were useful for bashing the damselfly's big eyes), and the predator kept flying between perches trying to get a better grip; in spite of the fly's brave efforts it was overpowered and munched...

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