By smithski


Monday. Morning in the office, thankfully I have two meetings keeping me out of the office all this afternoon. J9 headed into Liverpool for a top to wear at the second stage interview this week then was off to Tai Chi. So it was my usual Monday evening of me & the mutts in the woods. Despite the seasonally shit rain it was still lovely with swifts swooping low over the meadow. 
Poor Moo is really starting to show her age (coming up to 15 soon) and wants to go at a very different pace to Jack. Can’t even let them off the leads either due to Jack Russell’s & rabbits not being a very good mix. Missy struggles to get around the woods, but seems to still enjoy it. So when we both walk them we have resorted to one of us splitting off with moo halfway round to take the shorter route, the other one carrying on with Jack on the longer route. It tends to take the same amount of time due to her poor little shuffling. As long as she still seems to enjoy it, we will keep taking her.
I managed a couple of Cow parsley shots on the little Lumix, a rare outing for it nowadays. Photography seems to be just film with the phone filling in the gaps and making up the majority of blips.

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