By JohnW


Today I was contemplating a wide angle lens for the EOS R.
My Sigma 10-20 is a cropped frame lens, and although I can get wider shots than the Canon 24-105 R lens it is not well matched and certainly not ideal.
So I looked for a suitable lens.  Well the Canon R fit lenses only go down to 24mm, and I’ve got that, and there are no compatible lenses on the market yet.  On top of that I don’t have a couple of thousand quid spare at the moment.
So I looked towards an EF fit lens and to use the adapter, and they are an arm and a leg too, however Mrs W has already spent an arm and a leg on her Sigma 12-24 zoom, so I have borrowed that.
What to try it out on?  With a WidWed theme of ‘Rich/Plenty’ what can I photograph?  The only thing that comes to mind is the same field I shot in portrait last week, but at 90 deg to the west.
Well I think the corn is certainly plentiful, if not rich, so here it is.
Many thanks to BobsBlips for hosting WidWed.

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