Ready, Steady, Go!

The tributes I've heard today for Yorkhull have been hugely entertaining.  The snippets of life from his point of view on Blip have now been more than filled in with banter about friendships with Paul. Many mentioned jovially his larger than life character but everyone seemed to hold him in their hearts with a  warm friendship.  It was peculiar and wonderful at the same time, to hear things about him that I'd seen reflected in his photography - his various collections and passion for cricket being two of them.  

What I found rather sweet though, was no mention of his love of bird watching from his window which only we have had the honour to see developing over his time on Blip; a secret, almost safe with us!  Real-life friends don't get to know everything ;)

I chatted with a few of them and all held him in high regard - they also made me feel very welcome.  I feel honoured to have shared a few virtual but very real moments in time with the lovely man we knew on Blip as Yorkhull.

Afterwards, I felt I'd held it together enough (at least by the time I'd spent an hour or so at the wake chatting to people) to pop in and see dad who was home alone.  

Almost home alone... While we were catching up, this young hedgehog popped up at the window for an early supper. So out came the mealworms and a little dish of water which he dashed over for and happily tucked into our our feet. 

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