Big Hill

By bighill

Tonights dinner!!!

Well it has been an exciting day for sure!

First off, went  on my bike for a ride on the back roads here, it's such a glorious day!  On the way back i hit a rut in the road and did a spectacular face plant.....bloody nose, skinned hands, banged up face...luckily i was wearing a helmet which saved my forehead and my glasses!!!

We had made arrangements with William to get some fresh lobster .... so Terry and i headed down to Englishtown wharf  around noon.   he wasn't in yet so we had a lovely walk, then we got our lobster!  boy am i looking forward to dinner!

Now the good news.....the gallery in Baddeck sold my first cold wax and oil painting today....woo hoo....i'm so thrilled! see extra!

so that's it, a day of ups and downs (literally).....:0

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