Lost in Thought

By steveng

Radway Meadows (again) (Widwed100719)

Despite the warm temperatures it has been quite a grey day here so I left it late to find a blip, just on the off chance that some golden hour sunlight might appear.  Sadly - it didn't - so a trip to Radway Meadows which at least had a chance of meeting the theme for this week's wide Wednesday. There is a rich variety of plant life there and plenty to see if one is prepared to get down low and risk insect bites and scratches.

These wildflowers are growing not far from the entry gate and by the time I found them, the bugs had certainly found me!  They do at least have some pretty striking colour and I was able to use some of what I learned on Sunday (RPS Lightroom for Landscapes) on the sky.  Interesting to be using a DSLR 5D again after three weeks of my mirrorless M5. 

Hope that fits the bill - and thanks to Bobs Blips for hosting.

Thanks also for your good wishes re my migraine.  Much better now - and I can see properly too :-)
Our motorhome woes should be solved by the original dealer selling on our behalf - and that puts the warranty repairs into their workshop sales timeline and so effectively bumps it up the priority list.  Given that it is a popular model (Chausson 630) it should sell quickly enough,  someone else can have the rest of the summer with it and we can complete the purchase of the replacement in early September.  The Chausson is a little too big for what we want to do, and as it has had a few warranty issues, we decided to trade it in before anything else goes astray.  Much of today has gone into sorting out the spare keys, documents, and deciding what is going with it etc.

The replacement will be a panel van conversion - a Wildax Constellation,  for those motorhoming blippers who know about these things :-) 

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