Waterfall reprise

However often we go to Västanå to look at the waterfall, it's always different and always lovely. Today was no exception but we didn't climb so high with our current guests. Being 70 plus = certain rights if you want to use them. We had a coffee and cake after wandering, sitting in the far too hot sunshine, incredible to be hiding in the patches of shade - just two days ago we were huddling to keep warm! There are still very few bugs about, something we are more than happy about. It's often a drawback for visitors as they tend to react more than us natives. (I had a dozen years of huge swellings for every bite...)

This evening we have listened to cello and flute music played by Duo Franzén. They have been going at it for over 40 years and they know a thing or two. It was a varied programme and was just an hour. That is plenty long enough to sit on the hard benches in the cathedral! In Swedish they say "you get the taste of wood" in seats like this, which is true even when you have a little cushion to sit your bones on. There is a concert in the cathedral at 8 in the evening, every Wednesday in July. Music in the summer evening.

We are now relaxing at home with a cup of tea and some conversation. There was a mix up this morning when we were talking about their journey home. One thought it was Thursday and convinced us all, except the other one who knew it was Friday. So suddenly we had another day to play with! 

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